Don and Leia Schulze

IF THE GOD OF THE BIBLE IS REAL... and the Bible itself is true then we must ask this question: Why don't we see the kind of miracles that happened in the Bible happening today?

We have seen them and still do! We have seen blind eyes opened, tumors healed, goiters disappear, incurable diseases healed,miraculous answers to prayer for financial needs, divine protection in dangerous situations, and supernatural direction for life's dilemmas. Our book tells about all of this and more, and explains how you too can live a Life of Miracles. This book will challenge you, inspire you, and encourage you!

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"A Life of Miracles is a series of engaging stories strung together with the thread of God's faithfulness, love, and supernatural power. Told in an easy-going conversational style, these stories ring true because they are true. I wholeheartedly recommend this book"
Robert Whitlow — Bestselling author of Water's Edge and The List


"I read A Life of Miracles in one sitting because I did not want to put it down.This autobiographical account of one married couple's journey of obedience to God's call on their lives will build your faith and stir your soul. Most of all, it brings glory to God rather than people, and it provides numerous glimpses of the coming Kingdom."
Lyle W. Dorsett, Ph.D. — Billy Graham Professor of Evangelism, Beeson Divinity School, Samford University

"I loved reading A Life of Miracles. I stayed awake much longer at night than I planned on ... Okay, I'll read just one more quick story, then I have to turn out the light. . . Four stories later, I was telling myself the same thing. You will be encouraged, enlightened, and challenged by this book. You'll learn how to walk deeper with God too."
Brian Howard — Gold Record Award winning Christian songwriter
Author of The Butterfly Song

"Filled with adventurous stories of faith, A Life of Miracles is exciting, inspirational, and hard to put down. The book encourages us to greater faith, and the authorÕs humility reminds us that faith is an adventure in which we can all participate. We can identify with him in his struggles and rejoice with him in his victories, while the real hero who shines through these stories is the same God who regularly shows himself strong in the lives of his children."
Dr. Craig S. Keener — Professor of New Testament, Asbury Theological Seminary; author of 'Miracles: The Credibility of the New Testament Accounts'

"From the opening chapters describing Don’s life-threatening experiences while serving our nation in Vietnam to his ten years of missionary service in East Africa, the book is an enthralling roller-coaster of faith tried and tested in the midst of amazing circumstances."
Dr. A. Christian van Gorder, — D.Phil. of Queen’s University of Belfast, Ireland, and Professor of Religion at Baylor University, Texas

"What I especially admire in Don Schulze's writing is this: in everyday life he finds a constant flow of God sightings.A Life of Miracles encourages me to look for the same affirming glimpses in my own life."
John Sherrill — Roving editor, Guideposts magazine; coauthor of The Hiding Place, The Cross and the Switchblade, and God's Smuggler

It was impossible not to stop and smile as I read Don Schulze’s book. An infectious joy bubbles forth from story after story of our Lord’s astounding power and mercy. Miracles, we learn, are not for special people; they are for anyone who dares to believe that God sees, God cares, and God acts! This book is a powerful and worthy record of God’s unending faithfulness to those who will follow him.
Gregory V. Johnson — Associate Pastor, New Beginnings Church, Dallas, TX

"A Life of Miracles serves as a wonderful reminder that we serve a living God who desires to have an intimate relationship with his people. It encourages, inspires, and challenges each of us to “give more” to the Lord, even during times of great struggle. This is a must-have book for all who hunger and thirst for the truth."
Ray Thomann — Senior pastor and founder of Hope Is Alive; host of Tough Love daily radio program

"A Life of Miracles is a must-read, saturated with the love of God, filled with truths of God's handiwork. Because of the tears of joy it brought to my eyes, I had to stop reading this book several times"
James Clayton — Christian businessman, San Dimas, CA


I found it hard to take a break from reading A Life of Miracles. I was amazed at the number of miracles Don and Leia experienced, and I was in awe of the Schulzes’ obedience to God's call."
Donna Waren —Fayetteville, NC

"A Life of Miracles describes an exciting way to live that all people can experience but that very few people do. The book encourages readers to give God the chance to prove his promises are true. If you want to experience an exciting life full of miracles and answered prayer, follow the example of the Schulze family."
Jean Roach —Teacher, York County, South Carolina

Don Schulze is a talented natural storyteller, so I could commend his book as a series of well-crafted and engaging accounts of miracles witnessed by ordinary people. And that it is. But it is more than just an uplifting read. The stories will inspire other ordinary people to try out the spiritual life lessons Don teaches. As my wife, Beth, read the book she was inspired to pray for the healing of a chronic injury in my back. I was immediately healed and am now pain free. This happened for two ordinary people. Buy the book. Read the book. Be encouraged to become an ordinary person witnessing the power and presence of an extraordinary God.
Rev. Henry Andrew Corcoran, Ph.D. Charlotte, NC





"This book is an articulate and persuasive reminder that the God of the Book of Acts is still our God and is still acting powerfully in the world"

Neil Lebhar, Bishop of the Gulf Atlantic Diocese
Anglican Church in North America

A "Missing" Chapter
Food Allergies

Little Mark and the Milkshakes!

A "Missing" Chapter
Supit's Story

A young Buddhist woman miraculously comes
to know Jesus! Chaing Mai, Thailand


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