Don Schulze considers himself a "trophy" of God's redemption and grace. The family Don grew up in was shattered by divorce, and he and his brother were raised by a devoted mother who endured great difficulty in the days before food stamps, housing assistance, or any other kind of public aid. Her selfless, sacrificial example, moral principles, and faith in God were some of the anchors that kept Don out of serious trouble before he came to Christ.

In high school, Don loved American history and was captivated by the idea of America as the bastion of freedom. He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps immediately after high school and was sent to Vietnam in 1968.

Don and Leia were married in 1971. He worked while attending college using GI Bill benefits and earned advanced degrees years later while already involved in active Christian service. Prior to his call to full-time ministry, Don served as a sales representative for Southern California manufacturers and a sales manager in the western United States for a Canadian manufacturer. He also started a small contracting business in related fields.

The apostle Paul had a Damascus Road experience; while driving to work on January 29, 1976, Don had a "Pomona Freeway experience," where he called on God to save him and change him. Don's testimony is that when he arrived at his office that morning, he was "a new creation" and "old things had passed away and all things had become new." The story of how God used the ensuing ten years to prepare and ead him into a worldwide ministry are recounted in his book A Life of Miracles.

The long process that eventually resulted in full-time Christian ministry often frustrated Don. However, the years of entrepreneurship and sales and management work sharpened many skills and provided experience that proved invaluable in God's work.

After coming to faith, Don and Leia first attended a Christian and Missionary Alliance church. In those early days they knew that someday God would have them serve Him in the nations of the world. Their first pastorate was a church in Moreno Valley, California, which they started in 1986. By 1988 they were leading a church planting effort in Bangkok, Thailand. Over the years they have served as church planters in Uganda, Germany, and Rwanda as well.

The dramatic and miraculous nature of his own salvation convinced Don that God's miracles are for every generation. Very early in his Christian experience he began praying for people he encountered who were sick, injured, or suffered from some malady. He often saw truly miraculous results. These early events, which happened in obscurity, gave Don the necessary experience and confidence to lead evangelistic campaigns and revival services in fourteen countries over the last twenty-four years.

Don and Leia worked in Rwanda from 2003 to 2010. During that time they became very attracted to the evangelistic, spirit-filled Anglican Church of Rwanda, which is the fruit of the great East African Revival that began in the early 1930s and continues to this day. A close friendship with Anglican Bishop Alexis Bilindabagabo of Gahini Diocese (where the East African Revival first broke out) led to Don working closely with the Anglican Church in evangelism and church planting efforts in Gahini and neighboring Tanzania. After extensive prayer and preparation, in 2010 Don was ordained first as a deacon then as a presbyter in the Anglican Province of Rwanda.

Today Don lives in northeast Florida and works with PEARUSA (www.pearusa.org), a missionary outreach of the Anglican Province of Rwanda that employs the spirit and methods of the East Africa Revival in evangelism and church planting.

Don's passion is to share the reality of God's love and power with as many people as possible. He pursues this through speaking, teaching, a new web-based teaching ministry, and as an author for Tyndale House Publishers.


Don and Leia Schulze

This modern-day spiritual odyssey takes you on a heartwarming, soul-stirring exploration of faith. Join Don and Leia and their family on their adventures across America, Asia, Europe, and Central Africa. Real stories about real people and real, modern day miracles! You will also discover practical steps to seeing your own daily walk with God add up to a life of miracles. . You will laugh, you will cry, you will cheer... you will believe


This book will help seekers to understand that there is a God who can be known, and believers will be challenged to know Him more!



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