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SUNDAY WORSHIP • 10:30AM 386•225•6657 A Spirit-Filled • Non-Denominational • Christian Fellowship
CLICK OR TAP HERE TO DONATE VISIT US ON FACEBOOK Don and Leia Schulze provide overall leadership at Voyage Church. Pastor Don has led Salvation and Miracle Crusades in 14 different countries and seen many wonderful miracles. Don and Leia have served as Church Planting missionaries in Thailand, Rwanda, Uganda, Germany, and U.S.A. They have served Voyage Church since 2017.
PEOPLE HAVE QUESTIONS! the ALPHA Course can definitely help! What is ALPHA?



 Everyone has questions. Is there really a purpose or meaning to my life? What happens when people die? How did we get here? Are we alone in the universe? Is there a God? How many? How do I deal with anger, anxiety, depression, loneliness, addictions, and other life issues? Is the Bible true? Are we in the 'end times'?– And many other important. questions. Alpha is a 10 week course where friends and neighbors meet in a small group around refreshments. Then there is a short talk (about 15 minutes) and then everyone is invited to discuss the topic or ask questions if they want to do so. There is no pressure to believe anything, or to do anything, or to be anything... just enjoy the discussion and see where it leads. To learn more about ALPHA, or to how to find out about attending the course just click or tap HERE! First! Come as you are. This is Florida! Dress as comfortably as you want. Second! Expect a genuine, warm, and personal welcome. Third! Expect to experience peace, love, and joy... it's real here! Fourth! Expect a service that will last about 90 minutes with inspirational, encouraging, Biblically accurate messages. Fifth! Expect to experience true worship from the heart.

We are excited to offer the Alpha Course

for skeptics, doubter, unbelievers, and those who just have questions!

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Visiting Voyage? What to Expect? We know! Visiting a church can be nervous business!
Questions: call Voyage at 386-225-6657 Don and Leia have chronicled some of their adventures and the great things they have seen in "A Life of Miracles", originally published by Tyndale House, publishers of the Living Bible. Read 4 free <tap on the Book >